Bloons Tower Defense 5

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Looking for a way to unwind after a stressful day and get charged with positive emotions? Then Bloons TD 5 is just the right game to play this evening! It has no particular story, but the gameplay won’t let you get bored! From the very beginning, you’ll have access to single player and co-op, but after increasing your level to 20, you’ll be able to unlock other modes as well. When choosing the level, you will also select its difficulty – that affects the reward you are going to get after completing it. The higher the difficulty the more cash you’ll receive for beating the location. Once you get to the battlefield, you can instantly start acquiring monkey towers that must be placed strategically on the map to destroy hostile balloons.

At first, there will be just one basic monkey available – the one throwing darts. Then you’ll be able to unlock the pin gun that shoots in all directions and much faster. All towers can be improved and each of them has several upgrade stages. They can be installed in any spot of the map introducing quite a lot of tactics.

As to the enemies, initially you’ll be attacked by the simplest red balloons that can be destroyed from one shot. Later you’ll also come across blue and green ones. They have several levels of defense and you’ll need more time than usual to cope with them. The nastiest are yellow balloons that are a few times bigger and faster than their counterparts. For better effectivity, it’s advisable to install road spikes that can damage up to ten enemies simultaneously. There are many more stunning effects that you can use to give an advantage over the fleet of balloons moving in on you. It’s up to decide which combinations of towers to place on every particular level and how to upgrade them. Bloons TD 5 is not just a primitive arcade – it’s dynamic and tactically complex action that will definitely fascinate you!

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