Bloons TD 5

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4.7 stars

Bloons TD 5 will send you on a wild adventure, literally, since you’re going to fight for the army of brave monkeys! You’ll see a map with a pathway, as well as balloons and zeppelins flying along it. Your task is to build your defense in such a way that won’t allow them to reach the end of the path. All balloons have a certain amount of health, some are also protected by several layers. The color of the unit marks its special ability – for example, after popping the balloon, it will be replaced by a few smaller ones.

The location is protected with monkey towers that attack the balloons once they come near. Before each new wave, you have some time to decide which of the available towers to use and where to position it. Once you’re done, hit the play button and observe another stage of balloon destruction. The number of towers is giant and all of them come with different upgrade opportunities. The easiest type is a monkey that throws darts. Its more advanced colleagues are the boomerang thrower that can destroy balloons along a curved trajectory and a sniper monkey capable of shooting the enemies from a far distance. There is even a pilot monkey who patrols the map on a plane and fires away at all the hostile units in sight. The engineer will also come in handy to install turrets and traps.

But that’s not everything you can take advantage of in Bloons TD 5. Aside from monkeys, there are also various constructions that will help you deal with the invaders. Pin shooters, cannons, ice towers – all kinds of effects are available to crash another attack. If the structure doesn’t deliver any actual damage, it can still prove helpful – for instance, the glue gunner covers the pathways with glue slowing down the balloons. In other words, there is a lot to learn about this wonderful game and the best way to do it is to stay playing Bloons TD 5 online this very second!

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