BTD 2020

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Everyone understands action differently. For some, it’s a lot of running, fighting and shooting. Others appreciate a touch of planning and devising before they can get involved in combat. Bloons TD 2020 will satisfy both of these needs! You’ll take on the role of a monkey leader opposing an army of balloons. Why balloons and how are they any threat to monkeys – that remains unknown. What’s obvious is that they’re not so innocent as they may seem. You’ll make sure of that when you start playing, but right now there is a more pressing concern for you to deal with – picking your towers and placing them around the map in a way that will create an impassable hindrance on the ways of the vile bloons. Sounds like a challenge? Then let’s go!

At the very beginning, you’ll have to do with just one basic class – the dart monkey. As you can imply from the name, all it does is throwing darts that don’t deliver much damage (although it’s enough to deal with the very early waves of balloons that can be popped with one apt shot). That monkey also fires only in a straight line making it useless against enemies moving in along a curved path. Later on, you can solve that issue by adding the boomerang monkey to your ranks – this one is capable of covering a wide arc preventing the enemies from rounding you up. After a little while, you’ll also be able to unlock monkeys shooting sniper rifles, launching rockets, operating canons, throwing energy balls and even flying jets.

The more you use a certain type of tower the more experience points it accumulates. When it reaches a certain amount, you’re eligible for an upgrade. Each tower has three upgrade lines and you’re free to choose any. That means that even towers of the same class can be evolved in totally different ways. Which comes in quite handy given that some bloon classes can only be destroyed with one type of attack and are immune to others. The enemies approach and waves and you have to survive a total of twenty to move to the next level. Over time, locations will also get trickier, with obstacles blocking the view and complicating the use of certain towers. Play Bloons TD 2020 online and be the first to discover all the great new features of the latest release!

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