Bloons TD 3

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3.8 stars

The jungle used to be a cozy and safe place for the monkeys. Until a mysterious enemy showed on the horizon. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of these cunning monsters. They look like colorful balloons, but they are deadly to everything they touch. At first, the monkeys were happy to see these beautiful vibrant things floating over their trees and started snatching them from the air. But very soon they learned their mistake. And know the whole ape community has united to fend off this unknown threat in Bloons TD 3! You are going to lead the resistance protecting the tropical forest from bloon attacks and making sure they don’t proceed any further!

To that purpose, you need to build a line of monkey towers that will shoot at approaching enemies. But don’t think this is all it takes. All bloons require a different type of weapon to cope with them, so you’ll have to make strategic decisions installing towers of various kinds that can take down even the sturdiest and fiercest of your foes. Each level will be more complicated than the previous, so prepare for the stakes to go up. To make the whole thing more exciting and add some replay value, developers have included the ability to beat the game on three difficulty levels, each providing a different set of rewards. There are also various challenges for you to complete if you are willing to earn extra points – for instance, passing a level using just one tower type.

Aside from stylish design and amazing mood, this game also offers incredibly diverse tactics for evolving your towers and using their multiple features to succeed in different scenarios. It never gets boring, even after hours of gameplay, because there are so many paths you can follow discovering Bloons anew every time. Although the rules are quite obvious and the whole mechanics may even seem simplistic at first, there is plenty of depth and versatility in there. So if you appreciate tower defense not just for mere action, but also for strategic value, Bloons TD 3 is just the game that can keep you busy – and thrilled – for days!

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