Bloons TD Update

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Everyone loves inflating balloons and watching them float merrily around the room or fly into the sky. But it’s no less fun to pop them! And you’ll get to do plenty of it in Bloons TD! The whole point of the game is to destroy as many balloons as possible – here they are called bloons and they are actually the bad guys. You are going to oppose them leading an army of monkeys that have all possible weapons at their disposal to deal with the threat.

And make no mistake, despite their cheery look, balloons flying over this forest are potentially dangerous to all of its inhabitants! You’ll soon learn it the hard way when you come across all possible types of them – armored, fire-resistant, invisible… No wonder the apes treat them so suspiciously. They organized a series of defenses to prevent the unexpected enemies from moving deeper into the jungle. But they need a brave and wise general to run the warfare. Are you up for this kind of job?

Coming up with the optimal balance and position of your monkey towers won’t be easy. You have to make sure your base is well-protected against all types of bloons that can attack you on this particular level. Between the waves, you’ll have time to catch your breath, upgrade your units and enhance your troops with another few buildings. Each of the towers can be upgraded in several ways, so don’t be in a hurry and take your time to weight your decision. You won’t have a spare second to reevaluate your choices in the process of the battle because everything happens very quickly! Join the valiant monkeys in their time of need and protect the jungle from the evil bloons!

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