Bloons TD 4

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5 stars

We are used to thinking about wars along the lines of grenades, tanks, soldiers in uniform and other totally human notions. But how would a jungle war actually look like? Bloons TD 4 offers you a glimpse of it! And have no doubts, it’s going to be no less gripping than running around the lead-showered battlefield with a gun in your hands! But since the game is kid-friendly and overall positive, you’ll see no cruelty or blood on the screen. You’ll be fighting on the side of cute little monkeys hellbent on destroying… a bunch of balloons flying through the jungle. So you see, this is warfare that’s both thrilling and fun, with nobody getting hurt!

However, that doesn’t mean stopping the balloon wave will be that easy. All of them have different qualities that make them rather difficult to explode, even with the huge arsenal of monkey towers at your disposal. Luckily, balloons can only move along forest paths, so they won’t attack out of the bushes. You will be able to see them long before they approach your camp. Every level will have a different terrain and combination of elements, so it’s going to be a new experience every time. You won’t be able to interfere in the battle directly, but the outcome depends on the decisions you make beforehand, so it will make sense to pause and give it a good thought before rushing into the action. By the way, there will be no shortage of it, so prepare to get sweaty! The level of difficulty and the number of enemies will keep growing with every new map!

The game features pleasant and very vibrant graphics with good desalination of the environment and unique locations, each with its own peculiarities. The animation is smooth and the presence of special effects makes the gameplay even more dynamic and fun. There is also light background music accompanied by the jolly sounds of the popping balloons. In other words, there is enough atmosphere to make your pastime not just thrilling, but also enjoyable. See for yourself playing Bloons TD 4 online!

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