Bloons TD 8

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Imagine that you’re having a nice calm walk in the jungle. It’s a peaceful sunny day. The flora and fauna of the tropics are all busy with their daily tasks: the trees are putting their leaves up to bask in the sun, the birds are singing their cheerful tunes and the monkeys are playing in the lianas and gathering bananas. And all of a sudden this idyll is broken by the sound of war actions! You make your way through the vegetation and see the weirdest scene – a bunch of monkeys, well-trained and full-armed, are fighting nothing else than a flock of colorful balloons! Do you think they could use your assistance? Don’t leave them alone in that heated struggle, head the valiant monkey troops and win the war!

In Bloons TD 8, you’ll have even more means to do that. Although it seems like a harmless entertainment, the apes seem to take it very seriously. They have all kinds of weapons at their disposal – guns shooting everything from pins to rockets, canons, lasers, shredding machines and freezing towers. Placed properly, this menacing arsenal can prove quite useful against the balloons that keep coming. Their number will continue to increase and you’ll encounter new classes with improved characteristics and advanced defenses. Some of your enemies can even spawn minions or become invisible!

But don’t worry, there is an equally impressive assortment of monkey units and constructions you can fortify your positions with. They too come with various powers, so you won’t fall short of options. The main question is which of the towers you have at hand will be most effective under the current circumstances. This is a task for a true strategist and you’ll undoubtedly prove an experienced and talented general capable of coping with any hardships! Enjoy all the awesome updates and features of Bloons TD 8 and don’t leave the battlegrounds until every last balloon is gone!

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