Bloons TD Battles Mods

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We all have our favorite games that we can play on and on for hours and it’s going to be days or even weeks before we finally get tired of it. And even then, after some time, we still return to them to experience those amazing emotions once more. However, it all depends on one important parameter – replay value. One way to achieve it is to introduce several different battle modes, like in Bloons TD which no doubt hits the list of your favorite tower defense games. So what can we expect from it?

The first and main mode is the solo campaign. It’s pretty self-explanatory – you have to guard the location playing on your own. There are several dozens of maps to choose from, all of different difficulty level, from basic to extreme. The whole process is standard for the genre: don’t let the enemies (in this case colorful balloons) get through your line of monkey towers. They all come with various effects allowing you to employ any tactics of your choice. To unlock a new class of towers, you need to pass a certain number of locations first. There is also a team mode where you’ll be playing on those same maps, but together with another player. But don’t be in a hurry to shout hurray – cooperative gameplay might turn out to be even trickier than solo! There will be more monsters for you to defeat and you also have to coordinate your actions if you want to succeed.

If you feel like standard gameplay is too easy for you, you can try your hand at Odyssey – it’s a special competitive mode running on either medium or hard difficulty level. Depending on that, you’ll be offered a series of locations to beat. The higher the level the more valuable the rewards. An important condition is that you need to pass all the maps with a strictly limited supply of lives. If you manage to do it, consider yourself a true hero! No less fascinating are random missions that involve 250 assignments that can bring you some monkey money – of course, in case you handle them. You can also participate in daily missions that include 28 challenges split according to their difficulty. You need to complete them in a week to gain not only the basic reward, but also a special one. Finally, there are also special missions that are basically the same as random ones, but meant for advanced players. With a variety like that, there is simply no chance for you to get bored! Play Bloons TD online, enjoy different battle modes and set your own records completing level after level!

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