Bloons TD 7

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3.9 stars

Despite being years old, Bloons TD keeps holding its high rating on the online game market and thrilling us with new, even better-designed, content-richer and groovier releases! We saw some graphics updates and new features in the previous version, but Bloons TD 7 will blow your imagination! So are you ready to enter the combat and spend the next few hours exploding balloons of all colors and types flying through the jungle? If so, then let’s begin!

The first thing that should be told about the game is that it did a great job in the visual aspect. The whole process now looks smoother and cuter, with much more detailed textures and appealing animation. A really cool addition is that the objects can now partially block the view which makes the position of the towers even more important since you need to select it not only with regards to their shooting range, but also in a way that will give you an open line of sight.

Surely, developers haven’t left us without some new content to discover. There are new types of both bloons and monkey towers that will add even more diversity to your battles. The new bloons have various properties. For instance, there are Fortified Bloons with a double amount of health and Purple Bloons that are immune to fire, plasma and energy weapons. You’re going to think twice before coming up against those guys! Each round introduces more bloon types urging you to use different tactics and scratch your head deciding how to survive through this particular one. The monkey towers have also gone much more diverse giving you the ability to attack your enemies with bullets, bombs, fire, ice, laser and from other sophisticated weapons. Every tower can now be enhanced by the use of specialty buildings that boost a certain class of monkey. Finally, there is a monkey lab where you can run a research of available features and come up with your very own upgrades.

Just like previously, you can take advantage of different modes, including a standard solo campaign, cooperative and competitive play. And don’t forget about daily challenges and special missions that will allow you to quickly cash in and earn some lavish prizes! Enjoy the fiery action and marvelous new features of Bloons TD 7 online!

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