Bloons TD 6 Unblocked

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Have you already played the newest version of the crazy monkey tower defense, Bloons TD 6? Acing it isn’t easy, especially at early levels when you’re still weak and ill-equipped. If you want to enjoy the gameplay to the full without being limited in your choice of units and upgrades, you should really check out our amazing unblocked version!

The rules are pretty similar to those you can come across in other games of the genre. Your base is attacked by waves of enemies and you have to defend it with the help of monkey towers. They are positioned on fixed spots and can’t be moved around the map, so think carefully before placing another one. Each tower has a certain range of fire and will start shooting automatically once the monsters enter its radius. Your ultimate goal is to survive through all waves without losing all of your towers. The thing about Bloons TD 6 is that it has a stunning variety of them and allows you to evolve your defenses down different upgrade paths that opens up quite a number of amazing effects, some of them far from what you would expect.

Your enemies are represented by so-called bloons – literally, balloons made of different materials and therefore possessing different stamina, strength and abilities, even though you can only tell this differences by their color. Don’t worry, though, after a few levels, you’ll already remember this color code and won’t be mixing them up. Getting the hang of it is important to figure out how to fight against certain types of your enemies. Some of them can be pretty hard to defeat – for instance, camo bloons can merge into the environment and it can be too late before you notice that they have already reached one of your towers. So you need to keep a close eye on everything that is happening on the map – luckily, it won’t be too hard because the game has a top-down view and you can see bloons coming at you long before they approach your camp. That leaves you some time to plan out your tactics depending on the current situation. But the action unfolds at a very fast pace, so calculating all the risks and possibilities will mostly be just a matter of a few seconds. Can you cope with all the challenges and blast every single bloon moving your way? Play Bloons TD 6 unblocked and find out!

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